The Worst Programmer Ever

Scrum is Life

4 minute read Published:

If you’re not doing scrum, you’re doing it wrong. I’ve seen a lot of articles recently about how Agile Does Not Equal Scrum or that you can Determine the Right Agile Development Methodology. Well, I can save you a bunch of time. The answer is that Scrum (or SCRUM if you’re really in the know) is the answer. I think we can all agree that the Agile Manifesto makes sense, what better way to follow that than Scrum!


3 minute read Published:

A look into the new development methodology of microcommitting. Lately everyone has been talking a lot about microservices, or the idea of making services as small as possible. Making things smaller seems to be the trend in development, making development cycles smaller with agile, making test cycles smaller with continuous integration, making release cycles smaller with continuous deployment, making applications smaller with service oriented architecture, and then again making applications smaller with microservices.

Co-Code is Bad Code

2 minute read Published:

Learn why co-coding isn’t all it is cracked up to be. I’m sure you’ve all heard that your whole team should take ownership of the code base, and that pair programming really speeds up clean development, but let me lay something down. Very often this results in what they call “too many cooks in the kitchen”. Usually this will lead to unending arguments about implementation, and your “partner” isn’t willing to see the logic in your argument.

How to Contribute to Open Source

6 minute read Published:

Learn how to get started in the big and scary Open Source community. You are obviously here because you are interested in learning about contributing to the open source community. We all tend to aspire to be the a programmer that the community knows and recognizes by their name and contributions. This is a very difficult place to get your foot in the door and get started with, but if you follow my simple steps you will be an open source master in no time.